Media Rights

Media rights are the core of Muy Manero's existence. Since before the first day that our company was founded (2008), the company already negotiated in national and international media rights. Long-established relationships with worldwide broadcasters and agencies have helped us maximizing revenues for our valued clients.

Acquisition & Sales

National media rights are being sold on a worldwide basis, international rights are being acquired for national broadcasters. Our extend network, experience and a broad knowledge of different sports diversities, make it that Muy Manero has a well-respected reputation worldwide.


Broadcast & Facilities

Our team is well experienced in setting up sport event productions from A to Z. Camera plan, hiring of facilitating companies, onsite facilities, SNG’s, graphics, SatCap, etc. Single or double productions have been organized numerous times.



Our team offers clients the full service, which also includes hiring SNG’s if required, uplinking the match signal and booking satellite capacity. We will make sure all our global clients will receive the match signal so that they can broadcast without worries.