Media Rights

Media Rights

Media rights are an essential pillar in our strategic success

Media rights are a fundamental aspect of Muy Manero's business model and have been since the company's inception in 2008. The company has been involved in negotiating, both national and international media rights from its early days.

Our services

We take a comprehensive approach to media rights, covering a wide range of platforms and opportunities.

Acquisition & Sales

National media rights are being sold on a worldwide basis, international rights are being acquired for national broadcasters. 

The ability to sell national media rights on a global scale demonstrates Muy Manero's reach and effectiveness in tapping into various markets to maximize revenue streams for rights holders. 

Broadcast & Facilities

Muy Manero's expertise in broadcast and facilities is evident in its ability to seamlessly manage sport event productions comprehensively. 

Our experience allows us to handle all aspects of production, starting from the initial camera plan to hiring facilitating companies, setting up onsite facilities, managing Satellite News Gathering (SNG) units, incorporating graphics, and utilizing technologies like SatCap.


Muy Manero's commitment to providing full-service distribution solutions further highlights our dedication to clients. 

Our competence and expertise in broadcast, facilities, and distribution reinforce our reputation as a trusted and reliable partner in the media and sports industry.